Century Media signed At The Gates without hearing a note

Posted by on November 7, 2014

In a recent interview with Alternative Press Magazine, At The Gates vocalist Tomas Lindberg explained why the band chose Century Media to release their latest album, At War With Reality.

Said Lindberg,

“We didn’t tell anyone we were doing it—at all. When we actually had 15 songs ready—I think it was December/January—we were starting to talk with labels a little bit, but Century Media signed us right away without hearing a note. Most of us had worked with them before on different projects, and we knew they wouldn’t hold us back creatively, in any sense. We have total creative freedom, as we have had throughout this whole thing, with videos, covers, producers—anything we wanted, we could have it. That’s the main reason we went with them, because we felt it was very stable and we wouldn’t be forced in any direction.”

At the Gates signed with Century Media in January of 2014. By the time other labels learned of a new At the Gates album, it was too late.

“When we released the first teaser video, then people woke up and said, “Hey, maybe they’ll do a new record. Let’s contact them.” But we already signed with Century Media at that point.”

Members of At the Gates have worked with Century Media in the past; At The Gates bassist Jonas Björler and guitarist Anders Björler with The Haunted, and drummer Adrian Erlandsson with Paradise Lost.

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