Ben Weinman interviews GTO-mate Brent Hinds

Posted by on August 29, 2014


Party Smasher Inc., the website started by The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman, got off to a great start, with him interviewing one of his idols, Mike Patton. Now he’s talking to one of his contemporaries, friends, and new bandmates, Mastodon’s Brent Hinds. It was recently announced that Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, the band featuring those two along with former Jane’s Addiction bassist Eric Avery and Queens of the Stone Age’s Jon Theodore, will be heading into the studio. The interview is kinda wide-ranging, with Hinds being equal parts goofy and serious. He talks about his decision to be a musician despite the advice of his father, his willingness to starve with Mastodon until they made it, and towards the end of the interview, what Mastodon’s creative process is like. And Brent gets to ask Ben if he ever messes up running around onstage like he always does.

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