Pandora Coming To A Car Near You (If It Isn’t There Already)

Posted by on January 12, 2012

The Consumer Electronics Show is taking place now in Las Vegas, and internet streaming service Pandora came to the convention with some good news. Despite all you’re hearing about rival service Spotify, Pandora still has a 68% market share among Internet audio. And while terrestrial and satellite radio won’t want to hear this, it’s coming for your car next. With the addition of Acura and Kia, they’re available in 16 brands, which is way more than the four they had more recently, and you can buy aftermarket car stereos from seven manufacturers.

With Spotify ending their six-month trial period and enacting new restrictions, there will likely be some users defecting to Pandora, which already has more than 125 million registered users. Their users apparently listen to about 18 hours of music per month. And most are used to listening to the service without paying for the premium service, with only 10% ponying up for the privilege of listening commercial-free. That’s still 12.5 million people though. And as more and more people buy cars with Pandora in their dashes or pick after-market radio to upgrade their car listening experience, those numbers will likely increase.

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