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Posted by on August 27, 2009

viigorockBlackberry and Windows Mobile users can now access Metal Insider’s featured stories, news ticker and Twitter feeds in once one place through Viigo’s new ROCK! app. The app includes a number of other killer sites like MetalInjection.net, MetalSucks.net, MetalUnderground.com, PureGrainAudio.com and SMNnews as well as weather, news, sports scores and every other piece of information you could possibly want.

Hit the jump for the full press release and visit viigo.com/rock or getviigo.com/rock from your mobile device to join in!

Viigo Launches Rock!, Giving Rock and Metal Fans Content From Eight Top Industry eZines In One Place

Artist information, news, interviews, features, reviews, tour dates, audio and more available in new module

Toronto, ON (August 13, 2009)
– Viigo Inc. (www.viigo.com), developer of the popular mobile content and services platform for smartphones, has teamed with eight of the top rock and metal eZines to create “Rock!”, a new module that offers up to date artist information, news, interviews, features, reviews, tour dates, audio and much more.

Included in the Rock! module is DeafLeftEar.com, DrivenFarOff.com, MetalInjection.net, MetalInsider.net, MetalSucks.net, MetalUnderground.com, PureGrainAudio.com and SMNnews.com. The Rock! build is immediately available for download at http://getviigo.com/rock.

“We at Deaf Left Ear are more than excited about our entrance into the mobile world through our partnership with Viigo. We live in a time where updates on-the-go are more the norm than ever,” said Matt Kleinschmidt, DeafLeftEar.com. “People want custom information, on their terms, through their means, when they want it. It’s an exciting challenge for modern content providers. Companies like Viigo understand this concept; partnering with them allows Deaf Left Ear to deliver our content in a format loyal readers demand through enjoyable means they deserve.”

“Driven Far Off is entering your world 24/7 with the new Viigo mobile app,” said Bryce Jacobson, DrivenFarOff.com. “Bringing you that latest music news directly to your phone is something we have always wanted to do and now we can with our partnership with Viigo. Windows Mobile and Blackberry users can now get our content on demand and on the road. It’s the best of both worlds.”

“It is very exciting for our site to be entering the mobile world as it is clearly the future,” said Robert Pasbani, President, MetalInjection.net. “The people at Viigo have made it extremely easy for us to extend our reach to the new medium.”

“Metal Insider is very pleased to finally have a mobile solution, especially in the form of a quality app like Viigo,” said Dan Rodriguez, Metalinsider.net. “Our silly marketing gurus wouldn’t stop yapping about us needing a mobile platform, and while we don’t usually believe a word they say, there’s no doubt Viigo’s Rock! module will be great and a must-own for any metal fan. We couldn’t be more excited to have Blackberry and Windows Mobile users join us in making fun of (and maybe learning a little about) the industry.”

“We’re psyched to partner up with Viigo as our mobile solution,” said Vince Neilstein, founder of MetalSucks. “As more and more people access the web via their mobile devices, we know that Viigo, as leaders in their field, will make great partners in enabling our reader’s access to MetalSucks anywhere, any time.”

“It’s awesome that you can get all the best rock and metal news and features in one place, all on your phone with Viigo!,” said Doug Gibson, Founder, MetalUnderground.com. “We’re pleased to be involved in this amazing initiative and look forward to having our readers access our content on the go.”

“Over the 5 years since inception, rock news ezine PureGrainAudio.com has taken pride in being at the forefront of innovation and technology,” said Chris Gonda, CEO PureGrainAudio.com. “As the site’s traffic and content continues to increase we look for new and interesting ways to disseminate the information we gather to our loyal legion of readers. That is exactly why we are teaming with Viigo. The hip, new mobile application will allow for ALL PureGrainAudio.com content to be read anytime, anywhere without the need for a computer. Now that is awesome!”

“With SMNnews acting as one of the largest independent heavy metal and hard rock focused zines on the net today, maximum audience reach is a necessity in today’s modern world,” said Aidan Gray, founder, SMNnews.com. “Working with companies like Viigo enables our users to read the latest daily heavy metal news, gossip, and more at SMNnews.com – all while on their smartphone. Accessing the latest news, reviews, interviews, and over 100 official band forums has never been easier now we’re partnered up with Viigo.”

“We’re very excited to have brought together eight of the most notable rock and metal eZines to create our new Rock! module,” said Mark Ruddock, CEO, Viigo. “This unique collaboration provides our users with a “best of” scenario not found anywhere else.”

About DeafLeftEar.com
Deaf Left Ear is a music and entertainment website; focusing on reporting the best in indie, punk and, alternative music. Located in the major metropolitan area of New York City, it offers commentary on everything from new to established artists. Contributors include industry professionals, tastemakers, and most importantly, fans.

About DrivenFarOff.com
Driven Far Off is a website showcasing music of the alternative & punk genres. We specialize in providing visitors with the newest and best bands to listen to. Driven Far Off was started in February of 2003 and since has been on the leading edge of providing news, reviews, pictures and more on the music scene.

About MetalInjection.net
Watch br00tal videos or upload your own, plus interviews, the latest news and gossip from around the metal world. Check out metalinjection.net

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MetalInsider.net is a metal music industry blog, reporting news, gossip and analysis from every aspect of the metal biz. Metal Insider explains and analyzes everything from record deals to marketing strategies to weekly record sales and radio charts.

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MetalSucks is the leader in online heavy metal opinion. MetalSucks is now the #1 most popular metal destination site worldwide for reviews, interviews, exclusive content, and no-bull takes on what goes on everyday in the world of metal.

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With a mission to help readers discover new metal music, MetalUnderground.com has been faithfully serving mainstream and underground metal news for over eight years. In addition to comprehensive news coverage, the site also features reviews, interviews, band info, live concert reports, photos, and more, updated daily by a dedicated staff of die-hard metalheads.

About PureGrainAudio.com
PureGrainAudio.com started as a simple idea back in the early part of 2005. Since then the site has grown into one of the top rock sites on the net. With all of the crucial help and dedicated work from past and present staff and contributors, we believe PureGrainAudio.com to be at the very apex of independent rock and metal press. Featuring the best in reviews, interviews, video, free downloads, contest, features, news and more, PureGrainAudio.com is consistently updated in order to bring daily content to its growing legion of readers.

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Our goal here at SMNnews.com, since our inception in early 2002, is to provide top quality, accurate, news reporting first to the rock, metal, and independent music community, but with a side of personality to it. The idea when first starting this website was to be interactive with the metal and hardcore community, its fans, bands, agents, agencies and labels.
About ViigoTM

Viigo™ is revolutionizing the way users access information on their smart phone. Every day, people around the world rely on Viigo as their gateway to a vast array of up-to-the-minute content and useful services, wherever they are and whenever they need it. In one simple, fully customizable application, Viigo delivers news, weather, flight schedules and status, real-time sports scores, stock quotes and market data, entertainment, hotel and restaurant reviews, blogs, and much more. Viigo is the one application smartphone users cannot be without.

Founded in 2004, Viigo Inc. is a privately held company with its corporate headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit www.viigo.com. To download Viigo onto your device, go to www.getviigo.com from your mobile browser.

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