Structures Beginning Work on New Album

Posted by on September 9, 2013

structuresToronto prog-metal quintet Structures (Often stylized as STRUC/TURES) may be young, but they’ve already made an impact in the metal world with their djenty, technical EP All Of The Above and their full length Divided By. The up and coming group has nothing but potential, and they are now set to begin work on their second full-length effort. According to their Facebook page:

We are very happy to announce that tomorrow we will be going into The Machine Shop in New Jersey to start the month long process of recording our second full length album with Will Putney. We have never been this excited about writing music, it’s really been an amazing experience writing these songs together.

We want to thank you guys for your continued support, it surely has been a while since we released “Divided By” but we are very happy that we waited this long because we truly have never felt better about our music as we do now. We have more exciting news coming soon, so keep posted and make sure you’re getting all updates by clicking the “show in news feed” option at the top of the page.

Once again, we love you guys and truly appreciate your support.


The Machine Shop was started in the 90’s by legendary metal producer Machine, who has worked with metal heavyweights such as Lamb of God. Will Putney, who will be producing the new Structures record also has a pretty impressive metal resume, which includes artists such as Misery Signals, The Human Abstract, and Stray From The Path, in addition to playing guitars for Fit For an Autopsy. He also produced Divided By, so the upcoming album should be equally if not more impressive.

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