The last time New Orleans sludge masters Eyehategod released an album, Bill Clinton was still in office, the Twin Towers stood, and the band’s hometown of New Orleans wouldn’t be devastated by hurricane Katrina for another five years. It’s been since 2000 since Confederacy of Ruined Lives came out and since then, the band’s toured sporadically, had its members release music in Down, Corrosion of Conformity, the Mystic Krewe of Clearlight, Outlaw Order and Arson Anthem, and lost a drummer when Joey LaCaze sadly passed away last year. Of course in the interim was Hurricane Katrina, which served as the focus of the band’s 2012 single “New Orleans is the New Vietnam.” 14 years after their last album, it looks like we’ll finally be seeing an album from the band. In a post on Facebook, the band said the following:

EYEHATEGOD master tapes are in our hands RIGHT NOW!!! Artwork getting close to be being done as well..!!! Gonna be KKKKIIIILLERRR.. Got some surprises up our sleeve too…! SOUNDS and LOOKS INSANE!!!

There’s still no word on what the band’s fifth studio album will be called, or when it will be out, but it will be the first one with new drummer Aaron Hill, who made his live debut at the Housecore Horror Music Festival.