Tenacious D working on new album

Posted by on April 30, 2015

tenacious dWhat’s the next logical step for a band after winning a Grammy? Well, if you’re Tenacious D, you start work on a new album.  And while almost everyone can agree that The D winning the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance for a Dio cover is a little preposterous, it makes sense that the duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass make a follow-up to 2012’s Rise of the Fenix. It’s just in the beginning stages right now, as Kyle Gass has his own band, which was the subject of an article in Metal Hammer. When asked to choose between his band and Tenacious D, Gass commented:

“I won’t do it. You’re trying to force me to be divisive – I won’t fool for your tricks. I’ve been around too long, but if you do want your scoop, then I will say there’s a new Tenacious D baby on the way. And a lot of great bands have titled their albums eponymously with the number ‘4’ afterwards. I’m talking about Led Zeppelin. Toto. The Fantastic Four. No, wait. Journey? I don’t know. But we will not be calling the next Tenacious D album Tenacious D 4. So there you have it.”

Gass’ other project, the Kyle Gass band, is a departure for the guitarist. He sings about a third of the set and plays recorder throughout it as well. He mentions that he enjoys not having to do as much as he does in his other band. He also mentions playing smaller rooms in the band, which makes sense on account of a) it’s not Tenacious D and b) a movie star isn’t in his other project. Here’s what the KGB sound like:


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