Your Ashes Make The Most Collectible Vinyl Ever

Posted by on June 22, 2012

If you like vinyl, and who doesn’t, a company called andvinyly (get it?) have come up with a new way to give back to the loved ones in your life after you depart this mortal coil: they’ll press your ashes into a playable vinyl record. For $4,700, you supply the audio and cover art, identify a family member to take your ashes to the pressing, and give up to 30 friends and family the most limited edition piece of vinyl they’ll ever listen to. Here’s the rundown of the starter package. We’re particularly taken by #6:


Basic Package: Up to 30 Discs
Includes Standard R.I.V artwork with your name, d.o.b. & d.o.d. on cover & labels. The audio must be supplied by you. This can be music, a vocal recording or complete silence to let loved ones hear your pops & clicks and should be no more than 24 minutes.

1. Confirm with us your location and the viability of these services in your area
2. Identify a family member or a chosen representative who will accompany you (your ashes) to the pressing of your records
3. Establish audio and cover art content
4. Attend the mastering of your record
5. Receive playable proof sample of your record and cover
6. Die
7. Get cremated
8. Your family member or chosen representative books and attends the sprinkling and pressing of your records
9. Your chosen recipients will be sent details of where to collect their copy of your personal record
10. Live on from beyond the groove

We can imagine that a lot of musicians might be signing up for this right now. It would be both creepy and somewhat rewarding to hear a song or EP recorded solely for people to hear after they’re gone. Or a “if you’re hearing this, it’s because I’m not here anymore” message imparting life lessons upon those receiving it. Also, what’s more metal than an album made out of people?

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