Today in WTF: Metalhead killed by fundamentalist christian

Posted by on October 31, 2014

jacob-crockett-4A 21 year-old Stillwater, OK man has been charged with first degree murder in the death of a college student, who he nearly decapitated. Why are we writing about Isaiah Zoar Marin, 21, who hacked up Jacob Andrew Crockett, 19? Well, Crockett’s brother said that Marin is a “religious zealot,” who had been watching YouTube videos related to his Christian beliefs beforehand, and Marin’s brother said that he believed that Crockett and his brother were “practicing witchcraft.” But judging from the pictures on his Facebook tribute page, Crockett was just a metalhead.

Marin’s brother, Samuel Marin, told police he and Isaiah were playing a card game and the victim was in the room with them. The report says Samuel stated Isaiah had been watching YouTube videos related to his Christian beliefs.During the card game, the affidavit claims Isaiah picked up a large black sword and began swinging it.Samuel stated he heard a noise “described as the sound of someone getting stabbed. He stated he looked up and saw Jacob stand up and blood gushing from his chest.” Samuel told police that Isaiah was still holding the knife.

Marin, who Crockett’s brother said was a heavy drug user, was found walking along a highway with a knife, allegedly the one he used to kill Crockett. He immediately confessed to the murder and also apparently admitted to police that he’d fantasized about killing “four or five” people. It’s tragic that someone’s religious beliefs would cause them to kill someone over theirs. Even if Crockett, the son of a state tropper, was wiccan, pagan or satanic, it’s incomprehensible that someone so young could be murdered by a psychopathic religious zealot. You can see a lot of other pictures of Crockett, including him in a band with corpse paint on, on the Facebook page dedicated to his memory.

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