Rollins Band/Mother Superior drummer Jason Mackenroth passes away

Posted by on January 4, 2016

mackenrothJason Mackenroth, who played drums in both the Rollins band and Mother Superior, has died from prostate cancer. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help his family. Marcus Blake, who played in both bands with Mackenroth, confirmed his passing via a post on his Facebook page:

“Today, I lost a great friend, Jason Mackenroth to prostate cancer. He was an incredible drummer and had the most incredible sense of humor you could ever know. I am in shock. I find it hard right now to put into words my love for him and his friendship. We traveled the world together making music, talking about his favorite band, Kiss, and laughing until our guts hurt.

“He was not only an amazing drummer but he was an excellent father and husband. Life is too short. Be like Jason. Make someone you know smile like he made me smile. A simple thing like that means so much. I miss you, Jason.

“Please donate to Jason’s wife, Jaye Mackenroth and her kids on the surviving family’s Gofundme page. Jason’s family needs financial assistance with living expenses so they can remain in Las Vegas until the youngest son, Joren, graduates from high school in June 2016. With the loss of Jason’s income, this is a real challenge.”

Aside from his time in the Rollins Band, which he played in from 1998-2004, and Mother Superior, he also had his own band, Mack, and had been playing with the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas most recently. Mother Superior had a bit of a resurgence this past year, as Scott Ian and the band’s singer, Jim Wilson, had a project, Motor Sister, that was more or less a tribute album, with the band covering songs from Mother Superior. As of this publishing, the crowd funding campaign has pulled in about $7,000.

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