Lord Mantis, Indian drummer Bill Bumgardner passes

Posted by on October 10, 2016


It has come to our attention that drummer and founding member of Lord Mantis, Bill Bumgardner has taken his own life. Bumgardner performed with Indian as well until they split in 2015. Thus far, no concrete confirmations have been made aside from some of his former bandmate, Abigail Williams frontman Ken Sorceron. Sorceron announced this news last night just before the Presidential debate on his Facebook page:

“Coming to terms with some sad news tonight. My ex bandmate, Bill Bumgardner, of whom I played with in Lord Mantis took his life today. Our musical partnership didn’t end in the most pleasant way and I never got around to reaching out to bury the hatchet, which is sad. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and those who made music with him.I had some great time with the dude and those are the ones I’ll choose to remember.”

Additionally, Saint Vitus, The Skull, and Witch Mountain will perform at Reggies in Chicago this evening as they will honor Bumgardner’s life, and various other musicians in his circle have posted on their social media about the abrupt end to his life.

It wasn’t too long ago when Bumgardner celebrated his thirty-five years of existence, and now it seems that depression has taken over. Many battle with mental illness, depression, sadness and uncontrollable events in life where the only escape would seem to off oneself. No one can predict where anyone’s mental state is at, as they can appear to be the happiest and friendliest person. Friendships can dissipate due to unnecessary arguments, and families can crumble apart from not accepting change. The list is endless that can make anyone jump off the edge. Our condolences go out to Bumgardner’s friends and family during this difficult time. We will remember him as a gifted drummer and innovator. Ironically the news has hit today October 10, which is considered National Hug a drummer day. With that said, let’s blast the band’s latest EP NTW in celebration of his life and talents he has shared throughout his career.




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