evilemikeMike Alexander, bassist of UK thrash band Evile, died in Sweden yesterday while on tour with the band. He was only 32. The band was only several days into a tour with Amon Amarth when he was taken ill and rushed to a hospital. The band have released the following statement:

This is so hard to find the words to express fully how we feel. We can’t believe or accept what’s happened. One minute we’re talking to our buddy, Mike, the next minute we can never speak to him again. There’s so many things rushing through our heads that we want to say, do and feel. We half expect him to come round the corner and call us ‘dickheads’. We can’t get our heads around it. It upsets us so much that he was away from his family when this happened, although knowing Mike, we’re at least glad he was on tour doing what he loves.

We’re lost for words. We all miss him so much already. He was such a headstrong, genuinely nice guy who loved music and his family. We’ve got so many brilliant memories with him. “Our hearts go out to his daughter, family and friends at this tragic, difficult time.

“Mike is much loved and is sorely missed. Rest in peace, brother.

The band, who just released their sophomore album Infected Nations last month, had gotten some notoriety from having their song “Trasher” featured on Rock Band as a download. Guitarist Ol Drake and Alexander had just been in Earache’s US offices several months ago doing  press for the new album. No word on his cause of death, but it’s tragic to have someone die so young into a promising career.