Apparitions/Knights of the Abyss member Griffin Kolinski dies

Posted by on July 21, 2015

It’s always sad when someone dies, but when someone passes away in an untimely fashion, it’s even worse. Griffin Kolinski, who was the singer of Arizona’s Apparition and the former bassist of Knights of the Abyss, died yesterday at the age of 28. It’s not determined what his cause of death is, but Lambgoat notes that he’d had heart surgery in 2013 and had a pacemaker implanted in him. Here’s what Apparitions had to say via their Facebook page:

Some very sad news has unfolded. Our very good friend and vocalist, Griffin Kolinski passed away today. As a lot of you may know, he hasn’t been feeling well as of recently due to his surgery several months ago. He fought a strong uphill battle for this entire time. Our hearts and near future efforts will be with his family as they undergo this tragedy. Rest in Peace, Griffin – a truly amazing and talented individual. Your effect on the local and national music community will not ever be forgotten.

His Facebook page has turned into a makeshift memorial for him, and his work throughout the Arizona metal community is apparent. Countless other musicians, friends and fans are weighing in on his untimely passing. Our condolences.

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