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Posted by on May 18, 2011

Are iwrestledabearonce a Black Metal band now? Well, that’s what the band is claiming. In a new press release (which included the picture off to the side and taken by Jeremy Saffer), iwrestledabearonce announced that they are shifting to the genre of black metal. Guitarist Steven Bradley had the following to say about the sudden change in sound:

“We were sick of getting lumped in with ‘scene’ and ‘whatever-core’ bands, so we decided to embrace our roots and just go straight black metal on the new album. I’d say 90% of the new record is straight-up black metal, so we had to change our image to match… Because of course that’s just as important, if not more so, than the music.”

Can it be true? Is iwrestledabearonce actually abandoning their “avant-garde” style of metal to become a full blown black metal group? Or is the band, known for silly song titles like “Tastes Like Kevin Bacon” and featuring Principal Belding in a music video, simply pulling our leg? Spoiler alert: almost definitely. Regardless, we’ll find out for ourselves soon enough for iwrestledabearonce will be premiering a new song tomorrow (May 19) exclusively at Metal Sucks.

You can also check out the band’s “new logo” in honor of their genre switch down below. We’ll just have to wait till tomorrow to hear Metal Sucks’ exclusive premiere of iwrestledabearonce’s new material.


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