Even Wild Animals Hate Creed

Posted by on January 21, 2011

Gizmodo.com is reporting that a 13 year old Norwegian boy scared off a pack of wolves about to attack him on his way home from school by blasting music from his cell phone. So what song did the youngster choose to defend himself with? Obviously it was a song from a Norwegian black metal band, right?! Nope! In fact, the song that ended up saving this 13 year old boy’s life was…Creed’s “Overcome.” This is astonishing for two reasons: 1. It proves a scientific fact that even wild animals hate Scott Stapp, and 2. Norwegians like Creed?

On the one hand, the kid was smart to use Creed, a band whose music can drive almost anyone away from even a hot meal (humans and nonhumans alike). On the other hand, all of the “coolness” he would otherwise get from being able to say he fought off wolves is thrown out the door when it’s revealed he did so by listening to Creed. Granted, the last thing you’d probably care about if you’re surrounded by four hungry wolves is what music you play. But wouldn’t you rather have this playing instead of this? Then again, I’d probably just go ahead and play this.


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