This past Sunday, Danny Bobis (drummer for Long Beach, NY hardcore/metal/punk band Cipher) went missing while surfing in Indonesia. According to a Facebook page set up to monitor updates, Bobis’ board was found, but his body is still missing. His wife, friend, and father along with Local and Globe Aid are currently in Indonesia searching for him.

However, because the local government in the remote part of Indonesia (where Bobis went missing) doesn’t have the resources for a full-on rescue search, all of the money going into searching for him is coming out of the family’s pocket. Thus, Danny’s family is asking everyone to help raise awareness about this tragic news and if at all possible to even donate money to the search effort. Funds will be allocated to any resources that will support the search including helicopter rental, local manpower, travel expenses, etc. and will be given directly to the family. To donate, log in to Paypal and send funds to  For those in Long Island, there will be a benefit concert tonight at the Leaky Lifeboat, 3603 Merrick Road, Seaford tonight. More information can be found out about that here.

It’s obvious from the outpouring of emotion and support that Bobis is a beloved figure in Long Island and beyond. In addition to drumming in Cipher, Danny is a math teacher and surf coach at Long Beach, NY’s local high school. In fact, he started the first surfing team in New York State for his students.  Our thoughts go out to the Bobis family, and we hope Danny is found soon. You can go to this Facebook page to stay up to date on this case, or visit this Tumblr page as well.