Naam taking extended hiatus

Posted by on October 9, 2014

Brooklyn psych/stoner band Naam have announced that they’re either breaking up or taking a “very long hiatus.” This comes following a monthlong European tour that they just got back from last week.

We regret to inform you all that we have decided to take a very long hiatus and will not be performing or writing for many years and possibly ever again. We love all of you and greatly appreciate all of the support and good times you have given us over the years.

We will be playing our final show on November 15th in Brooklyn, New York at Sludgefeast with our buddys White Hills. We suggest buying your tickets now at the link below. We plan on going out with a bang.

Thanks again for everything and we will see you around. Peace.

Tickets for the band’s final (?) show are available here. The band’s defining statement might have been their debut album in 2009 on Tee Pee. Brooklyn’s heavy music scene has definitely evolved in the past five years, and Naam was at the forefront of it. They’ll be missed until they decide to reform – if they ever do.



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