iron_maiden_piece_of_mind_costume_frontWe’re a little more than a month away from the most metal holiday of them all, Halloween. Any holiday in which you’re encouraged to scare the shit out of people, celebrate horror and dress up like a serial killer is ok by us. And while there’s going to be enough Harley Quinns and sexy Harambes wandering around the weekend of October 28th, you’re probably wondering just how metal your costume can be. Thanks to the folks at Trick or Treat Studios (who we’ve written about before, most recently for Ghost masks and costumes), they’ve also got plenty of Eddie masks to go around too. Iron Maiden’s tortured mascot has been through quite a bit, and you can pretty much choose whatever era Eddie you want, with five different officially licensed versions of the masks. Want  the punk rock version of Eddie The Head that’s on the first album cover? Perhaps the Killers and Number of the Beast era, aka before he went bald?  They’ve got one of those too. Not only is there a Piece of Mind mask, but there’s also an accompanying straightjacket and jeans combo that’ll make you look exactly like him. You can also pick up his Powerslave and even The Book of Soulsif you’re into climbing like a monkey this Halloween. Check them all out below.