GWAR’s Gonna Be On The Tee Vee

Posted by on October 27, 2010

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with the all-mighty GWAR?! Not only will GWAR be performing on NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon tomorrow night (October 28), but GWAR will also be performing a very special live PPV webcast on Halloween! That’s right, GWAR’s Halloween show at The Rave/Eagle’s Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI will be streaming live on the web for all to see.

But don’t take our word on how awesome this will be. Listen to GWAR bassist Beefcake the Mighty, who was kind enough to not destroy Metal Insider’s puny mortal brains and tell us the following:

“GWAR is coming to/in/all over your house!!!

We are as pleased as pestilence punch to announce GWAR’s exclusive live Halloween pay-per-view event! That’s right! As a special treat for shut-ins, cripples, convicts and cowards, we will be streaming our Halloween show live from The Eagle’s Ballroom in beautiful edge of town Milwaukee, just blocks away from Jeff Dahmer’s very own bloody pit of horror! The perfect entertainment for your Halloween festivities!

Let us be the razor in your candy apple!”

The PPV webcast is only $3.99 if you buy ahead a time ($4.99 on the day of). What better way to spice up your lame costume party than by having this playing in the background? And instead of having that 20 year old “spooky sound effects” CD playing when trick-or-treaters approach your crib, why not show them Michael Jackson getting his face ripped off? You can check out more information about the webcast at TheRave.com.

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