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If you’re in a touring band or have simply reached adulthood, you should have an idea or two about food and cooking in order to survive the real world. It’s often that many people suffer from a lack of skills in the kitchen and are forced to live off cups of ramen or cheap $5 pizza but we here, at Metal Insider, care for your well-being and decided to give you a hand in the matter. We want to introduce you to our new cooking column handled by chef Heather Feher of Black Cat Culinary and who better to tell us more about it than the chef herself:


heather bccIt’s the question everyone agonizes over almost daily : “what’s for dinner?”


Please, fellow metal brethren. Allow me to help.


I’m Heather. I run Black Cat Culinary. I’ve been touring and cooking professionally since 2005 – usually  getting to combine both at once. I’ve toured with Ozzfest, Mayhem Fest, Sounds of the Underground, Projekt Revolution, Bob Dylan, Wilco, The WWE, Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, and dozens of others. I currently am the head of artist catering for Blastfest in Bergen, Norway. I’m presently based out of Los Angeles, but I’ve cooked in fine dining kitchens in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, New Orleans, Canada, Norway, Brazil, and Peru – in addition to amphitheater parking lots, club hallways, dressing rooms, and tour buses all across the US.


To say I have a passion for good food would be the understatement of the century – I’m borderline obsessed. I love teaching and sharing the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years – my goal is to make everyone I meet a more competent cook, and to prove that it’s not difficult to eat well while you’re on the road – no matter how impossible your setup seems.


Expect some instructional videos on things that are actually relevant, some hilarious cameos, ridiculous cooking adventures, local spotlights and reviews (aka, “where to eat when you’re playing/seeing a show at ___ venue”), and tons of atrocious, eye-rolling awful food and band puns. I can’t help it. I’m sorry in advance. It’s a problem.


You can call me the Ace of Blades. Welcome to… Run to the Grills. 😉

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