Eating It Up With American Sharks: A Food Diary (Part 3)

Posted by on November 6, 2013

American SharksAmerican Sharks are touring across the country with Clutch and The Sword in support of their self-titled album. But was do the Sharks eat while on the road? In this food tour diary, each member of American Sharks gives us a peek at what they’re munching while on tour.

In the final installment, we hear from Mike Hardin (bass, vocals). However, as Hardin explains “I have seriously eaten so little actual food on this tour so far. I’ve mainly survived on beer, orange juice and sometimes veggie dumplings. Mostly beer.” So check out photos below of Hardin’s limited diet on the road while en route to New York for shows prior to the tour with Clutch and The Sword.

American Sharks beer and sunny d

American Sharks beer and cigs

American Sharks dumplings American Sharks beer and football

American Sharks beer

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