Christian Blog Aghast At “Hardcore Satanic Metal” Show

Posted by on October 12, 2009

shocked-crowd-300x225The Gospel Soundcheck blog on Christian website beliefnet.com is shocked, SHOCKED, that Nashville venue Rocketown is playing host to a night of, in their words, “hardcore satanic metal” featuring The Black Dahlia Murder, Toxic Holocaust, Skeletonwitch and Trap Them. The club was founded in 1994 by Christian singer Michael W. Smith (ask your aunt), and it sounds, well, just swell.

“Christian bands play music, teens can dance under the disco ball, and there are even weekly Bible studies in the coffeehouse, rounding out the club’s mission: to share “Christ’s love with youth through creative programs and mentoring relationships that are culturally relevant and eternally significant.””

But on October 27, there will be no teens dancing under the disco ball, oh no there won’t. Actually, except for the furor over the message of the bands (they cite Toxic Holocaust’s “Nuke the Cross” and BDM’s “Black Valor”) and misspelling Skeletonwitch as “Skeltonwitch,”  the blogger actually brings up some valid points. If the club’s mission is stated above, it doesn’t seem like those bands are the best deliverers of said message. The club’s website states that it’s a Christian club from the outset, so it’s not like it’s Disney banning bands they think might be objectionable at the Orlando House of Blues. The booking agent likely knew what he or she was getting into when booking the club, even though none of the bands would straight-up identify themselves as Satanic.

The comments are also interesting. One commenter brings up that the booking might be a good way to reach out to non-Christians, who wouldn’t normally be at the show. That makes sense to me. I’ve been to all-ages shows and respected the fact that I can’t get wasted at them. Another commenter brings up the fact that it’s not like the venue booked Burzum or Deicide.  I think everyone upset about this should just let the show go on, follow the bible’s advice, and turn the other [non-corpse paint adorned] cheek.

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