NARM 2010: The Record Industry Decline Continues

Posted by on May 17, 2010

Going hand in hand with Bram’s recent article over the state of music industry are the startling statistics that have come out of this weekend’s NARM convention. Digital Music News is reporting that on top of the staggering statistics revealed was the fact that a total of 98,000 albums were released in 2009. Of these albums, only a few crossed the million-mark and just 2.1% managed to cross the 5,000-mark. These records also accounted for 91% of total record sales, which altogether makes it increasingly obvious that DIY marketing for up-and coming bands is getting harder everyday. NARM president Jim Donio did have some ‘positive’ stats, which included the fact that 75% of albums sold in the US are still physical and are mostly CDs although vinyl is becoming more and more popular among consumers.

NARM 2010 may be coming to a close, but the picture it has painted about the state of physical sales in the music industry has many industry officials baffled. The fact that CD sales have been declining is nothing new to anyone that knows what Pirate Bay is. The fact that people are listening to and engaging in music more than ever before is the issue that hasn’t been solved since the RIAA started its witchhunt against downloading. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to be solved anytime soon.


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