Trap Them vocalist allegedly breaks feet, keeps playing

Posted by on October 18, 2016


Apparently a new trend has been added to live metal shows where the theatrical phrase “break a leg” can be taken as a literal term. There have been quite a few instances this year alone where band members including Axl Rose (Guns N’ Roses), Dino Cazares (Fear Factory), David Ellefson (Megadeth) have injured their feet on the stage. Trap Them’s Ryan McKenney (vocals) can most likely be added to this list as many allegedly witnessed his incident on October 15th at Bloodshedfest in the Netherlands. McKenney was seen jumping off a speaker as his landing was a bit unstable. There have been no official reports or declarations that both of his feet are broken, however based on the video that has been found, he appeared to be in pain.

The most recent announcement from Trap Them is from October 5th, urging fans to get ready for the remainder of their European tour. Looks like the fall did not matter, as the tour, at least for now, continues.

#trapthem about 1 minute before he broke his foot #bloodshedfest #dynamo @trapthem

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Much respect to @trapthem for putting on a great show! #TrapThem

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