Tankard drummer has stroke, band playing festival dates without him

Posted by on August 11, 2015

German thrash band Tankard have suffered a bit of a setback, as their drummer Olaf Zissel is in the hospital following a suspected stroke. The band are shocked and surprised, but are continuing on with the festival shows they’d already had booked in Germany and France. Holy Moses drummer Gerd Lücking will be filling in for the shows. Here’s what the band had to say about the setback via their Facebook page (choppy translation, theirs):

We unfortunaly have to announce, that our drummer Olaf Zissel was taken to hospital due to a suspected stroke. Olaf is doing well according to circumstances at the moment. He will undergo a examination by the team of doctors during the next days. So he won’t be able to play the shows at Summer Breeze Festival, Germany and Motocultor Fest, France.

Gerd Lücking (HOLY MOSES), who would be on the road as a soundtech for us. consented short dated to jump in as stand-in for Olaf and to play the two upcoming gigs. So both shows don’t have to be cancelled.

We’re shocked and keep our fingers crossed for Olaf, that the suspicion doesn’t confirm and that he will be released from the hospital soon. We wish, that he will get well soon and fast. And we want to thank Gerd, who consented short dated to play these both shows with us.

Certainly, we keep you up to date.

Tankard formed in 1982. Zissel has been in the band since 1994. Their most recent album, R.I.B. (Rest In Beer) was released last year. The band have released 16 albums, many of them about beer.


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