Mexican singer/violinist/songwriter Marcela Bovio has been diagnosed with and is currently undergoing treatment for cervical cancer.

The MaYaN vocalist made the heartbreaking announcement in an Instagram post on December 13, clearing up why she has been so quiet on social media as of late. “Dear friends,” she starts her post:

“You may have notice I’ve been very quiet lately on social media. And a few of you know this already, but a lot of you don’t so I thought I’d just publish this here. Be warned, it’s heavy news… I have cervical cancer, and I’m currently undergoing treatment for it. It’s been a nerve-wrecking journey so far, it’s very hard to put my head around it and accept it; but it’s getting easier every day and I think an important part of it is to just put it out there.”

In her statement, she also gives an update on her status, saying that she’s doing well. She continues:

“I’m also very lucky to have family and friends that have provided me with an incredible amount of support I’m happy to say that so far the treatment has gone quite ok and I haven’t felt very band physically. The prognosis is also very positive, so I hope in a few months I can be free of this thing and share some good news with you!”

Bovio released her latest solo album, Through Your Eyes, in 2018. With MaYaN, she released an EP, Undercurrent, and a full-length, Dhyana, also in 2018. Aside from her solo work and clean vocal position in MaYaN, Bovio was a founding member of Elfonia, Stream of Passion and VUUR, has been a member of Ayreon, The Gentle Storm and Hydra and has guested on tracks from many other metal bands, including Epica. She is also a well-respected vocal coach in the Netherlands and teaches for The Metal Factory, noted as the world’s first metal-focused music school.

“I can’t wait for the day I can climb back on a stage again and sing for you,” Bovio concludes her post. “In the meantime, good vibes are much appreciated <3 <3.”