While details are unclear at this time, last night’s Los Angeles show from Dead Cross was cancelled after Mike Patton was involved in an accident. The sold-out crowd at the El Rey sat through openers Secret Chiefs 3, then waited until 10:45, when the band’s Michael Crain and Dave Lombardo took to the stage, with Crain stating the following:

“There’s been an accident. Mike was in an accident. It’s not grave, but he’s unable to be here tonight. He’s hurt. So I’m sorry. We apologize. We’re gonna reschedule. And tickets will be refunded at points of purchase.”

Ultimate Guitar stated that it was a car accident that Patton was involved in, although that hasn’t been officially confirmed by anyone. Lombardo also apologized for the cancellation, then stated that the rest of the band would be traveling to where Patton was located. At least Crain said that it wasn’t grave, but depending on how serious the accident is, it might result in some more tour dates being cancelled. Their next scheduled show is tomorrow (23) in Berkeley. This isn’t the first time Dead Cross have had something happen to them on tour, as both of their guitarists were detained last week in Texas.