2020 has been the year from hell so far. With the COVID-19 pandemic, our normal lifestyle has been put on hold. Tours are getting cancelled or postponed, and others have already been rescheduled for as early as June. Meanwhile, the uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak remains. Today (23rd) alone, we have reached 15,374 total deaths, and the United States is now the third-largest country with 35,241 cases and Italy being second with 59,138 cases. Unfortunately, with a few tours that were cut short due to the pandemic, bands and crew members have returned home with coronavirus symptoms. Specifically, the recent Bay Strikes Back European run with Testament, Exodus, and Death Angel. Last night (22nd), we heard Testament frontman Chuck Billy, his wife, and crew members were tested positive with the virus. A few days prior, Exodus guitarist Gary Holt explained how he has “all the symptoms.”  Unfortunately, over the weekend, we heard Death Angel drummer Will Carroll is seriously ill. No one has confirmed if it’s COVID-19 related. However, his condition is severe as his fiance, Leeshawn Navarro, checked Carroll into the emergency room at San Francisco’s California Pacific Medical Center on Wednesday (18th). 


Once the news went public, Holt explained a little bit more detail on the drummer’s condition:

“I remained quiet on this earlier, not wanting to say anything until I was certain it had become public knowledge, but Will Carroll, @bleedingpriest , is in need of some massive positive vibes. Me, I appreciate all the warm wishes I’ve gotten, but I’m sick, nothing more, Will is in the ICU. WAY worse that anything I’m dealing with, by a long shot. Not even close. He is very ill. There are several of us that have symptoms and are waiting for test results. Will needs some healing vibes from everyone. Here we are recreating the Scorpions pyramid with @bonsloth Get well Will”



On March 15th, Death Angel explained how half the band and crew were feeling ill as they cancelled their Hell and Heaven Metal Fest appearance in Mexico City:

“We regret to inform that due to recent worldwide health concerns and half of our band / crew being sick, Death Angel will not be performing at Heaven and Hell Fest in Mexico City this weekend. We apologize to our fans and everyone involved with the festival and look forward to rock with you all in the future. Health and safety first. Thank you for understanding.”



As much as we want our lives to go back to normal, it’s best to remain indoors until this crisis passes. We hope Will has a safe recovery.