One of the prime perks of being a rock star is that you get some pretty cool toys. These two motorcycles for Behemoth and Lamb of God bassist John Campbell are both badass, in completely different ways. As Behemoth continue to work on their tenth album, the band is also working with Poland’s Game Over Cycles to create a motorcycle for them.  Much like the band, the motorcycle is metal as fuck, mostly constructed from steel. Recently, Nergal stopped by the workshop to check out the bike. It’s so awesome that even the rear fender is an upside down cross. You can view a bunch of pictures of the bike on Game Over’s Facebook page.

On a more practical, but no less kickass note, custom bike builder Atom Bomb have customized a Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 for Campbell. Mostly stock when it was brought in, the bike was reconfigured and painted by Atom Bomb’s Clay Rathburn, a friend and neighbor of Campbell’s in Richmond. ““John was over at the shop for a good bit of the project, until the band went on tour, and then we did it via phone pictures,” Rathburn says. So yeah, consider us jealous.