Pelosi Suggests Musicians Quit Their Jobs

Posted by on May 25, 2010

Having a hard time working and trying to create a successful band? According to the government, there’s an easy solution – just quit your job! House speaker Nancy Pelosi recently gave a speech in which she said “musicians and other creative types could quit their jobs and focus on developing their talents because taxpayers would fund their health care coverage.” Now Metal Insider is not a political blog – not by a long shot. In fact, whenever politics come up, everyone turns into either Ted Nugent or Michael Moore, and it’s best to not get involved. However, this definitely brings up a debate.

Say what you will about the politics behind the new health care bill as a whole, but Pelosi’s logic about artists makes no sense. Some on the more conservative side are painting her as the devil incarnate for suggesting untalented lazy people can quit their job and live off the working people. But honestly, is there going to be any one person that takes that leap of faith only because of healthcare? Answer? No. Slacker types quitting their jobs to focus on their art were going to do it anyway, and the government has little to no bearing on that. But even if someone was to do that, in the best case scenario, this would only cover their healthcare. Unless every artist has a rich girlfriend/boyfriend or loyal family (think Anvil: The Story of Anvil), they’re going to have to keep a job somewhere to pay rent, buy food, and tools for their art, be it guitars, laptops, paintbrushes or whatever else. We’re not sure if her quote was being taken out of context or what, but it’s a strange statement to make.


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