AC/DC No Longer Doing Extensive Touring?

Posted by on June 13, 2012

There’s no denying AC/DC’s influence in rock and metal. They’re one of the most successful bands ever, both in album sales and touring (not bad for a band who almost got dropped by their label). However, the Aussie rock legends have done so much touring in the past few years (the last round being in support of 2008’s Black Ice) that many started to take them for granted. However, if what frontman Brian Johnson says is true, then we might get less chances to see them live.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Johnson revealed that he personally hopes that AC/DC will cut down on touring. More specifically, the singer said the following when asked about when the next AC/DC tour will be:

“We’re going to London in about three weeks; we’re just going to have a sit down like we usually do. I wouldn’t like to do another like the last one. The last one was two years. It broke your body in half. The thing with our band is we never want to go on stage and have people looking at us and saying, ‘Oh you should have seen them ten years ago.’ So we’re going to take it as it come and see what happens. I doubt we’ll be doing a big one. If we could do some festivals, I wouldn’t mind that all. That would be lovely.”

Considering that AC/DC have already been showing signs of slowing down on the road, it’s even more likely that Johnson’s wish will come true. On the one hand, the idea of AC/DC touring less does make us a little sad. However, the group is already getting up there in age (Angus Young just turned 57 this past month, while Johnson is already in his mid-60s). Maybe it’s not such a bad idea for them to go out while they’re still on top. And besides, seeing how big of a draw they still are live, we’re sure they’ll still be doing the occasional festival well into old age.

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