We’ve been excited about Mastodon heading back to the studio to record their follow up to 2009’s Crack The Skye. Thus, it was uber cool to see the band post pictures on Facebook from an April recording session. But as we looked through the pictures, we hit upon the mother load of coolness: a picture of Dave Grohl playing guitar in the band’s studio space (as seen off to the side).

Grohl’s appearance in this photo album leads us to asking one question probably popping up at rapid speed in your head right now: will Dave Grohl be appearing on Mastodon’s new album?!

It wouldn’t be too hard to believe, since Grohl has been very vocal about his love for the Atlanta sludge metal band, and vice versa. Plus, Mastodon has had many special guest appearances on past albums (especially on Blood Mountain). Granted, though, we could be jumping the gun. For all we know, Grohl could have just been visiting his friends in the studio and goofing off. Nonetheless, it would look like the band is indeed implying that Grohl will be making an appearance in some fashion on the new album.

You can check out the photo album yourself on their Facebook page. We’ll keep you posted when more develops.