Review: Deathgasm is a bloody brilliant blend of gore, humor and metal

Posted by on October 6, 2015


A funny horror movie is something that’s often attempted, but usually not achieved. For every Shaun of the Dead or Evil Dead 2 there’s a… well, it’s hard to even think about how many cheesy, unfunny horror flicks there are. Usually, the soundtracks are the closest metal makes it to most scary movies. The same can be said for the portrayal of metal in film. Authentic metal fans have written and directed movies, but something usually gets lost in translation on the way to the mutiplex. Just in time for Halloween comes Deathgasm, a New Zealand film that nails what it’s like to be a metalhead and doesn’t skimp on the gore, either.

The setting of the film is a suburb, where we meet Brodie. Sent to live “in the middle of assfuck nowhere” after his meth-addicted mom bangs a department store Santa, he’s a disillusioned teen that’s tortured by his cousin, oppressed by his religious aunt and uncle, and befriended by Dungeons & Dragons-playing dorks. A record store proves his only solace, where he meets Zakk, a fellow brother in metal. Deciding to form a band (Deathgasm, natch), the band summon demons by playing ancient possessed sheet music and Brodie tries to change things back and get the girl. Standard horror movie stuff, but  it’s where they nail the details that count.

Deathgasm takes its cues from horror, like the aforementioned Evil Dead 2, but also from Peter Jackson’s brilliant Dead Alive, in that there’s blood, and lots of it. As the zombies start to take over, a teacher craps blood before vomiting an ocean of it on a student’s face. One of the first real gory parts of the movie happens to be one of the funniest beheading scenes we’ve seen. and while there’s plenty of horror films that use chainsaws to kill zombies (including this one), not too many have thought to use sex toys. But the film really gains points on what it’s like to be a metalhead. Brodie telling his would-be girlfriend why he listens to metal is one of the centerpieces of the movie. “Life is better because somebody else knows the pain and the rage that you’re going through,” he says. There’s just enough heart in the movie along with the blood and guts that it keeps you interested in the characters. Ther’s also music in the film by Ihsahn, with references to Devourment, Cattle Decapitation and even Anal Cunt. There’s also a scene that pays tribute to Immortal’s “Call of the Wintermoon” video that’ll make most metalheads do a spit take. Ultimately, if you’re a metalhead that likes your gore served with a side of humor, Deathgasm is a must-see.

Deathgasm is now available on demand and is showing in limited theatrical release. Find out more here.

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