‘Blackhearts’ documentary screening at Saint Vitus Bar

Posted by on September 13, 2016



A few years back, Heavy Metal in Baghdad was a documentary about Acrassicauda, a band from Iraq struggling not just to make it in metal, but even just to play shows in the war-torn country, where they could be killed for their allegiance to Western music. Another doc, As the Palaces Burn, started out as a film about what being a Lamb of God fan from a global perspective meant before Randy Blythe’s arrest. Blackhearts, a documentary that had it’s premiere earlier this year at  Chicago’s CIMMfest, is another film about the global pull of metal. Three black metal musicians from Iran, Colombia and Greece are drawn to Norway for it’s role as the birthplace of black metal. As can be imagined, being a black metal fan is frowned upon in some of those places, Norwegian metal fests like Blastfest and Inferno, as well as Satanic rituals, await them in the country.

On October 18th, Blackhearts will have it’s first ever New York City screening at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar, and Metal Insider is a sponsor. In addition to the screening, there will be a Q&A with the director, as well as a speaker afterwards. We’ll be giving away some tickets to the screening for what promises to be a must-attend event for any NYC-area fan of black metal. Check out a trailer below, and watch this space for details on how to win passes to the film.



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