manson deep six 306There’s an old saying we just made up that nothing good happens at Denny’s after 2am. According to TMZ, it’s a lesson that Marilyn Manson apparently didn’t learn. A source claims that after Manson’s show in Alberta Canada this past Saturday, he went to the local Denny’s around 2am, where he promptly got into an argument with another table. During the course of the argument, the rocker called someone’s girlfriend a bitch. The girl’s boyfriend reacted by doing what any normal person at Denny’s at 2am does and punched Manson in the face.

According to the police, they confirmed that there was a disturbance at the restaurant, but said that no charges were filed, and the case is closed. We’re not ones to assume anything, but it’s a safe bet to say that alcohol was involved with at least one of the parties. While no further details are available about the Denny’s beatdown, we’re sure the guy that punched Manson in the face is probably pretty proud of himself right about now.