Alright, you’re probably wondering why the hell Sara Bareilles is on a headline for this site, but hear us out before you prep a comment about how she’s not metal. According to a report from Billboard, Bareilles’ manager, Jordan Feldstein, had a bit of an incident with Kelly and Sharon Osbourne at a pre-Grammy gala this past Saturday. Apparently, Feldstein was engaged in an argument with Kelly Osbourne, stemming from a comment Feldstein made about Jack Osbourne’s wife. It ended with Kelly walking away from the table seemingly pissed off. And that’s when Sharon Osbourne took over.

Now, most anyone in the business will tell you that if Sharon Osbourne is pissed, then you want to be exactly nowhere near her. Feldstein apparently never got the memo, or at least never watched The Osbournes. An eyewitness claims that after an exchange between the two (a.k.a. Sharon pointing and screaming), Sharon tipped a plate of food onto Feldstein’s lap and then threw water at him. Feldstein was absent from the Grammys the following day and was relieved of his duties by Bareilles yesterday.

So, in review, here’s what to take away from the encounter: Don’t argue with Sharon Osbourne, and don’t argue with Sharon Osbourne when there’s food nearby.

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