Emmure, The Atlas Moth Deface Venues, Argue About It (NSFWish)

Posted by on April 11, 2013

It’s always fun when bands get into feuds, especially if it’s over a stupid reason. Thanks to Emmure vocalist Frankie Palmeri and Chicago’s The Atlas Moth, we have the funniest war of words (and/or dicks) that we’ve seen for a while. Blog headbangorgtfo was the first to bring the latest feud to our attention. Palmeri has been tagging venues, mostly with his name, for a while now. The Atlas Moth have responded in the best way possible, which is by drawing dicks on Palmeri’s handiwork. If you follow the band’s Instagram account, which is overseen by singer Stavros, you’ll see several examples, with the most recent, posted on Tuesday, captioned with “Really enjoying busting on this douchebag.” Another caption reads “Before and after: me pwning Frankie Palmeri of emmure cause he fuckin sucks.”

Eventually, word got to Palmeri, who tweeted yesterday: “Haha unsuccessful bands talking shit about me.. Oh it must hurt to have such pathetic lives.”

The real winner in this is, well both bands. While The Atlas Moth have been building up positive word of mouth via their tour with Gojira and the Devin Townsend Project, this is keeping them in the news while they’re touring Europe. Meanwhile, it’s been about a year since Emmure released Slave to the Game, and with the Mayhem Fest coming up, it’s about time they started tuning up the promotional machine as well. In short, both artists vandalized property in the name of “art” and are now bitch slapping each other around the internet about it. We’re going to sit back and make some popcorn, because this could get fun.


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