Bam Margera got in a brawl with Icelandic rap crew

Posted by on June 22, 2015

Celebrity and former host of Viva la Bam, Bam Margera, got himself in trouble this past weekend during the Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland where the MTV personality got into a fight with Icelandic rap crew The Glacier Mafia.

According to the reports from several witnesses, Margera was harassing some of the female security guards of the fest trying to get into one of the production areas by force, when rapper Gísli Pálmi stepped in, which ended up with the group throwing some fists once things got too rough.

Pálmi, the leader of The Glacier Mafia, is the son of one of the richest persons in the country who, aside from rapping about ice bodies, likes to exchange blows with people equally rich in defense of the innocent and while most of the witnesses questioned agreed that Margera was acting like a Jackass, Bam’s version seems to go into another direction as he explains in the video below:


[via Noisey]

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