A Life Once Lost A Fight

Posted by on November 2, 2012

One of the many hazards of touring is having your van fucked with. To a degree, they’re moving targets for theives. On a smaller scale, vandalism can also be a problem, which is almost what happened to A Life Once Lost’s van when they were playing a Halloween show in Portland OR.  The band put up a Facebook post reading “Last night a stupid human tried tagging our tour vehicle – he suffered a severe case of street justice.” Then frontman Robert Meadows posted a pic of himself on his Instagram account, saying “I wish I got a picture of the other guy,” and “my face will heal. His will not.”

It’s unknown what shape the other guy was in, or how they found the guy trying to mess with their van, but good on him for defending their tour vehicle, and it’s nice to hear a story with a relatively happy ending.

[via Metal Sucks]

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