Norway’s Blastfest cancelled, company dissolving

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Last year, Norway’s Blastfest was in the news after the metal festival canceled the appearance of French band Peste Noire after pressure from anti-fascist groups. That was after Napalm Death pulled out of the festival, presumably as a result of the Peste Noire’s appearance. Also, Finnish black metal band Horna canceled their appearance in solidarity with Peste Noire. This year, however, not only is there not going to be a Blastfest, due to low ticket sales, but it appears that the future of the festival is in doubt, as it appears the company is going to be dissolved. From their Facebook page:

Blastfest has though several years pleased Metal og Hardrock fans abdroad and domestic. The festival was arranged first year in 2014. Great names has been presented, first and foremost for the local Bergen audience, but also for a number of guests from abroad..
Blastfest AS has tried to continue arranging the festival, but du to low ticketsales and low forecasts for ticketsale, the board of the company, with regrets, has found it correct to cancel the festival. The company has been delivered to The Bergen Tingrett for dissolution of the company.
Bergen Februar 1, 2017
The Board
Blastfest AS

The fourth edition of Blastfest was scheduled for February 22-25, and was to feature Devin Townsend Project, Katatonia, Scour, and Between the Buried and Me, among many others. Last year’s booking situation likely has no bearing on what’s happening with the fest  this year, and as popular as European festivals are, it seems like attendance issues are a universal issue.  Regardless, it’s a shame that the festival appears to be taking a permanent break and not a temporary one.

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