Metallica may bring back Orion Fest in 2018

Posted by on December 23, 2016


When Metallica were questioned about how long it took for them to come out with a follow-up to Death Magnetic, one of the reasons they brought up was that they put on their own music festival, Orion Music and More. The two festivals, held in 2012 and 2013 in Atlantic City and Detroit, respectively, were great for music fans, but not so great for the band, losing them lots of money. However, that doesn’t mean the band is done with them. In an interview with IHeartRadio Canada, Lars Ulrich was hopeful that it would return, perhaps in 2018:

We sort of put that on the backburner when we dove into the record. But I think that we’re gonna tour for years on this record. We just put most of ’17 together, but we’ll be out on this baby at least up through ’19, would be my guess. So I think we’ll try to get another Orion in. We did two Orions in the States. Maybe do one in Europe, maybe look at Canada, maybe look at Mexico, just to vary it a little bit.”

Considering they lost millions on both of the American fests, it’d make sense that they might want to mix things up a bit. Elsewhere in the interview, Ulrich suggests they might do something smaller, perhaps even just with Metallica playing. And while he says that Metallica already have their touring schedule filled for 2017, he’s hopeful that Orion could be back in 2018 or perhaps 2019. As long as they don’t make Metallica Through The Never II: II Never Too Furious, they should be okay financially.

[via Blabbermouth]


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