GWAR leaks Summer Slaughter lineup resized

The lineup to this year’s Summer Slaughter tour was supposed to be announced via the Facebook page of American Satan, a film penned and directed by Sumerian Records founder Ash Avildsen. Well… GWAR may have jumped the gun.

GWAR accidently beat American Satan to the punch by announcing this year’s lineup of Summer Slaughter (which will also be playing GWAR’S B4BQ). If it’s any consolation, the lineup pretty much consists of previously rumored bands, so there wasn’t too much to spoil.

More specifically, though, here’s who is confirmed to appear on this year’s edition of Summer Slaughter:

Cannibal Corpse


After The Burial





Slaughter To Prevail


GWAR’S post on their socials (as seen above) indicates that three more bands are expected to be announced soon, though it’s unclear if that’s referring to the Summer Slaughter tour or just the B4BQ (which last year combined Summer Slaughter with another tour). Either way, Summer Slaughter’s got itself a rather brutal lineup this year.

Dates and venues should be revealed momentarily.

UPDATE: 2016’s Summer Slaughter tour lineup has been officially announced.