Babymetal’ Five Fox Festival has very specific qualifications (mandatory corpsepaint for one)

Posted by on April 18, 2017

Last year, Babymetal became the first Japanese act in 53 years to have an album debut in Billboard‘s top 40. And as popular as the J-pop/metal hybrid act are in the States, that’s nothing compared to how big they are in their homeland. How big are they? Well, they just announced a festival, the Five Fox Festival, that not only spans nine dates and three cities, but is extremely specific about who they’ll be letting in and how. If that sounds exclusionary, well, that’s because it is. However, everyone will get a chance to attend.

The first three shows of the festival are limited to, in order, males, females and teenagers. That’ll at least stop creepy old dudes from going to ogle some of the band’s younger fans. There will also be three shows for only elementary school children and adults over 60, so grandparents will be able to bring their grandchilden, or more likely, grandchildren will be forcing their grandparents to go. Perhaps the most exciting of the requirements will be their 7/26, 8/9 and 8/30 shows in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, where there’s a corpse paint dress code. It’s amazing that no band has ever done that before, and it’ll make for a hell of a fun time. Here’s the order: 

07/18 Tokyo, JP @ Akasaka Blitz (Males only)
07/19 Tokyo, JP @ Akasaka Blitz (Females only)
07/20 Tokyo, JP @ Akasaka Blitz (Teenagers only)
07/25 Tokyo, JP @ Zepp DiverCity (Elementary school children & adults over 60)
07/26 Tokyo, JP @ Zepp DiverCity (Dress code: corpse paint)
08/08 Nagoya, JP @ Zepp Nagoya (Elementary school children & adults over 60)
08/09 Nagoya, JP @ Zepp Nagoya (Dress code: corpse paint)
08/29 Osaka, JP @ Zepp Osaka Bayside (Elementary school children & adults over 60)
08/30 Osaka, JP @ Zepp Osaka Bayside (Dress code: corpse paint)


[via Billboard]



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