World Painted Green: Here’s the Slayer St. Patrick’s Day shirt

Posted by on March 6, 2014


In case you couldn’t get enough Slayer-themed holiday gear, here’s a new one for you: the Slayer St. Patty’s Day Hellbeast t-shirt. As far as Slayer shirts go, this seems kind of plain and seems to only incorporate the bare necessities to consider it a holiday themed shirt. There’s green, there’s a bottle of beer or whiskey, and a leprechaun that looks a little too much like Iron Maiden’s Eddie. If this is any indication of future Slayer products, might we suggest an Easter-related t-shirt that incorporates the phrase “God Eggs Us All”? Or what about “Seasons In The Egg-byss”? More likely it’ll just be a really mean looking easter bunny.

If you feel so compelled, you can purchase the t-shirt here.



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