The closest Tom Cruise has come to being metal was in the 2012 box office bomb Rock of Ages which was based on the Broadway musical. That’s, um, not particularly metal But at least it runs in the family. No, we’re not talking directly in the family, like Nicolas Cage’s black metal-worshipping son. But Isabella Cruise, the daughter of Cruise and former wife Nicole Kidman, just got married to a guy named Max Parker, a British IT consultant.

What are we writing about this for, for fuck’s sake? We’re Metal Insider, not People Magazine, which is where this news comes from. Well, it turns out that Parker, who was spotted publicly in London with Isabella for the first time since they were married in September, is a fan of Between the Buried and Me. He wore a Coma Ecliptic shirt, which people referred to as a “short sleeve graphic t-shirt.” How about throwing BTBAM a bone, People? Are we turning into a gossip rag? Maybe a little, but at least we’re shouting out the bands that deserve to be shouted out. But hey, if Tom Cruise’s next blockbuster is about a coma patient that slips into another coma within that coma….

[via Lambgoat]