My First Metal Shirt: Riley McShane of Allegaeon reps Emperor

Posted by on June 28, 2016



My First Metal Shirt is a regularly-occurring feature on Metal Insider where we talk to people involved in metal about the first-ever metal T-shirt they owned, their memories about it,  and hopefully, a picture of them in it. This week’s installment comes from Allegaeon vocalist Riley McShane.

“The first metal shirt I got was an Emperor shirt with some lyrics from the song “Inno A Satana” printed on the back. It was 2007, the year after I graduated high school, and I picked this shirt up from a little, hole-in-the-wall metal store in my hometown of Escondido, California. I was just about to move up to Santa Cruz to pursue a career in metal, so I thought it fitting to pick up a few shirts from some of my favorite bands to commemorate the start of my journey. This Emperor shirt has stuck with me throughout the years, and has been one of my go-to stage shirts since some of my first shows with local metal bands all the way to some more recent gigs with Allegaeon. Even though it’s lost its sleeves in recent years, I’ll be rocking this shirt until it comes apart at the seams! I still wear this puppy about as often as I listen to In the Nightside Eclipse e.g. all the fucking time.”


[Photos courtesy Riley McShane]

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