Is Marc Jacobs selling a white power shirt? [Update: not any more]

Posted by on September 11, 2013

nordstrom skrewdriverThankfully, most white power bands play in front of their cousins/significant others (often the same people) at Klan gatherings numbering in the tens. But the most popular skinhead band of all time was Skrewdriver, a British band that released a string of albums between 1977 and 1994 before finally disbanding. Why would we bring up a long-defunct band that espoused hate? Because Marc Jacobs is selling a $68 shirt that looks an awful lot like the artwork to “Boots and Braces,” a single that the band released.

The artwork, a crude drawing of the bottom of a pair of combat boots, is similar enough to Jacobs’ shirt, down to the treads on the combat boots nearly matching up. The only significant difference is that the designer’s name is in the place of the laces and the colors are reversed. It’s a bit ironic that Jacobs put his name on this, considering he was born Jewish and is gay, two things racists are certainly not down with. This means that there are people walking around wearing the shirt (which is available at Nordstrom) that may well be espousing white power without knowing it. It also means that if you have $68 to spend on a white T-shirt, you’re probably half a douchebag already. But hey, what do we know? Happy fashion week!

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