Baseball cap seeks to “Make Metallica Great Again”

Posted by on March 28, 2016

MetallicaHatThe 2016 presidential campaign is turning into theater of the absurd regardless of who you’re voting for. And while we’ll have a new leader in eight months regardless, there’s been no shortage of partisan potshots, mud slinging and name-calling – and it’s just the primaries! And short of Jeb Bush’s exclamation point and the “feel the bern” hashtag, Donald Trump probably has the most memorable campaign slogan, with “Make America Great Again.” That’s given Jon Oliver the opportunity to poke fun at the Republican front runner’s real last name with his “Make Donald Drumpf Again” campaign. It’s also given burnbooks.org an opportunity to sell a kickass baseball cap that implores “Make Metallica Great Again.” That’s a campaign that many an old-school fan that thinks the band sold out after …And Justice For All can back, or perhaps even a newer-school ‘Tallica fan that thinks that St. Anger represents where they’ve gone wrong. Hell, we’re not taking any side in this, since Death Magnetic was a solid album in our opinions. We just want a new album from them.

If you’re interested in shaking things up with the Metallica fan in your life or bringing metal to an already theatrical presidential campaign, you can order the $25 hat here.

[via theprp]


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