The Ace Of Grapes: Motörhead Unveil Boxed Wine

Posted by on February 4, 2013

Wondering how Motörhead is doing with their line of wine that they launched a few years ago? It must be doing pretty well, as they’ve announced that they now have their own boxed wine. Motörhead Sacrifice Shiraz Bag -in-Box has become available in Sweden. Sweden, as you might remember, appears to be a liquor hotbed for the band, as the band also has their own wine, beer and vodka there.

The wine comes in a box that looks like an amp and contains the Motörhead logo on it. Lemmy has actually been known to supplement his Jack Daniels with an occasional glass of wine, and if you’re a Swedish metalhead looking to class up your next party, it’d be hard to go wrong with this. And Sweden is a big bosed-wine market, with about 60% of the wine consumed there make by Bag-in-Box. So going from the bottle to a box makes perfect sense. I mean, look at Mikkey Dee. He looks like a man of discerning taste.

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