Sebastian Bach allowing you to attend his wedding for $300

Posted by on July 14, 2015

Would you want to go to a rock star’s wedding? Who wouldn’t, actually? Rubbing shoulders with famous people, an open bar, and a chance to see an intimate and life-changing event for said star sounds like a once in a lifetime experience, especially if said they thought enough to invite you. What if you could pay $300 for the chance to be at a wedding reception for a rock star held at a theater? Sounds pretty tacky, no? That apparently didn’t stop Sebastian Bach and his wife-to-be Suzanne Le, from letting a venue charge to attend their wedding reception, which will be taking place at the Rockbar Theater in San Jose on August 22. The event promises that Bach will “be bringing friends along from the film and music world.”

For her part, Le is denying that they had anything to do with charging fans for the event, taking to Twitter to claim that they didn’t have anything to do with charging fans, and were helping out their friends who’d opened the venue. Here’s what Le said in a series of tweets:

Quite honestly, we have been away on tour & have no involvement on how much anything is being charged We are not charging ppl to our wedding. We did agree on our friends of Rockbar that they can keep their doors open for the reception party to promote their new venue. Rockbar SJ has been involved n many charities, We originally picked out Operation Smile that was suppose to be mentioned in the press release. Sebastian is one of the hardest working man I know He just loves doing what he does For ppl to make a mockery of his career & our wedding. I come from a town where ppl help each other & wave to strangers, this social bullying is something I’ve never known.

It changes things when it’s mentioned that some of the money will be going towards a charity, but regardless, at its non-cynical best, it’s a little disingenuous for a club to profit off of a wedding reception for a rock star, especially if they weren’t told how much tickets would be for the event. But hey, we’re happy for the couple. If you actually buy a ticket to this and don’t know either Le or Bach, you’re kinda gross, though.


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